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Colddd for KLWP

1.34 usd

6 skins.3 for 2 screens. 3 for 3 screens.
Looot of stuff in these...
Simple main page with a smooth side bar. Side bar has calendar agenda, weather and location info, changing news feed and music info.
3rd skin has a right music side bar.
4th skin with fading news on main screen, quote of the day, and pulsating main wallpaper.
5th skin has dark glassed side bars that blurs the background! In this skin you can tap on stuff for apps and links to news sources.. :)
Skin no 6 added. 2 screens or more. The sidebar on left side has a fab that makes changes between to pages. Location, agenda and weather - and - music, news and bla bla bla of the day ..Including pulsating fab (gorgeous!)
A LOT of awesome animations. Check video.
Icons used in dock on some screens are Materalistik Icons- not made by me - and not contained in this skin.

Pimp your phone...

Thanks to HiShoot community for some templates thanks to all supporters for keeping up the motivation.